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collective love *

I believe that as a collective, we need to practice continuous self-love ~ without it, we cannot love others! Fear not, self-love does not make you selfish and /or prone to senseless entitlement. It is tho, complex to define, and so today, I focus on one important aspect of it : self-love as an ability to admit, support, and make space to tolerate and successfully respond to our existential and emotional needs.

Successfully responding to our needs means different things to all of us and it is deeply personal.

It is safe to agree that we all have a need to be seen, understood, longed for and be related to ~ as much as a need to participate in life in meaningful fulfilling ways.

Yes, another aspect that must be uniquely defined and comes without a manual!

If we take then self-love to mean tolerating and learning to respond to our needs, we can imagine ourselves becoming better able to welcome another's needs and desires without feeling threatened or as if we have to provide something for them. 

Self-love is not only an invitation to become interested in who we are and who we are becoming but it requires us to see ourselves as an ever-expanding unfinished process. 

Hint : our self-hatred despises our humanness, imperfection, vulnerability, sensitivity (ability to feel and respond) and our constant growth! 

Self- love is about recognizing that we are enough now and celebrates and recognizes our beauty, power, and uniqueness. And when we keep at it, it will even help us love our imperfections!

Learning to embrace the huge appetite our passion and sex have as women, is as important, as us learning to adore the gift of our non-linear mind, heart, and body.

We (sadly) know the pain, desperation, disease, numbness, and craziness we experience when we hate the above mentioned and / or insist on fueling our failed attempts to try and hide, diminish, control, and / or deny our nature. One reason for referencing self-love as a revolution is because it will make us look at all the ways in which we do not love ourselves. Naturally, that will bring to the surface what we've been ignoring ~ and it is bound to feel chaotic. Little do we know or trust that to be an opportunity to change things!

Self-love demands that we dismantle numerous stories and beliefs as much as challenge, change, and act in new ways. Some of our beliefs are so rigid that we literally must (internally) over-throw them.

We are *alive, powerful, vulnerable, real, and constantly transforming*

A true commitment to self-love creates deep changes in ourselves and around us : it is a potent revolution that makes any heart beat again. So, take a deep breath and one step at a time :

you are enough now! 

A Language Collage on Self-Love by Jorja Rivero

*Our body is a conduit for energy to be actualized.*

We are a layered experience and a process in constant evolution and integration.

Self-Love means you (learn to) take care of yourself and get good at occupying the necessary and ever-changing space of being *YOU*. Doing this as a practice creates a connection of authentic acknowledging that allows us to participate in the world from a place of knowing ourselves and feeling full, capable, and satisfied ~> * when we are satisfied, we do not want to hurt anyone. *

Through this work we change our inner and external environments. We affect and reshape the rewiring of our nervous system and the ways in which we decide to hold history in our minds, hearts, and bodies. We also change because of the fact that we come together as a group and create a space bathed with transformational depth and intention. We change because we learn to step out of our mind and back into our senses. We change because we relate to one another and we learn to see our ourselves and each other with love and encouragement as we embody our autonomy and authenticity in healthy ways.

goddess embodied™ method is not a dance class although ~> * we dance * <~ we move and shake our body, energy, psychology, emotionality, and desires *~* we embody and invoke the archetype of the goddess because she moves in, through, and around us, and this allows us to experience what it is like to become spherical and to understand how everything is related. goddess embodied™ is a gateway for us to relate with ourselves and life at every level ~ as we learn to embody our humanity and spirituality. ~

~ * When our emotional, mental & physical patterns become fluid again, we organically transform into newness * ~
and for that we need to dance with all!

When we become fluid, we are present and when we are present we can dance with all that we experience and have experienced. ~* The range of our human experience is immensly deep and meaningful and learning to be with ourselves in this way supports our ability to integrate our past and present experiences. * ~

Not only do we use the archetype of the goddess, but the workshop per se become an archetype as well, they are excuses and permissions for you to do things uniquely, rooted in you power, and creativity.

*~ Step away from old parts of your personality that automatically disconnect you from discovery and newness. ~*

Self-love is a * revolution * an internal revolt that overthrows, puts into question, and challenges the limiting belief of what we are and what we are not. The most terrifying bit for me of (continuously) learning to love myself has been (and is) bringing into my awareness, with naked honesty and compassion, the countless ways in which I (have) hate(d) myself. * ~ <3 This is an act of courage and sobering truth. I believe we all need support to know that “hatred” is not only lodged individually in our psyches and bodies but in humanity's collective psyche and body.

We are taught early on to be demanding, diminishing, and punishing towards our organic nature and our desires. We must look at our blind spots, our shadow, the pieces of our denied existence, and the unending conflicts we have around our desires and needs in order to come back to life and learn to love ourselves and embody our power and freedom with ease. And we must get good at repeating this ~> because self-love is not a one time deal * it is * a constant revolution. <3

Self-love sounds fluffy * however * it is an actual invitation to see our gnarly inner structures and the inner workings we've swallowed and chosen to stay faithful to, even if they deny who we are and cause us to disassociate from the truth that :
*we are enough now.*

goddess embodied™ is a method that enlarges the lens of intention so that your will can flow through you with goddess force, clarity, and tenderness.

 ~ * Embody fully your fluid awareness and return to your senses * to your inherent sensuality. * ~

With intention in our movement, we open to the fluid nature of our desire and let its wisdom soften, tenderize, alter, and rewrite the paradigms that bind us * we learn to witness ourselves as processes unfolding in our imagination, nervous system, muscles, cells, bones, emotions, psyche, energetics, room, and collective. ~> We (learn to) pay attention to the fluid current of the now, our organicity, and learn how unstuck and free we are, when we let go.

* ~ Repetition is not only important but a key element in creating and supporting any shift. ~ *

Once I *really* understood that feeling deeply good and satisfied in my life implies a daily and faithful set of choices filled with continuous self-work, then I stopped fighting becoming response*able towards myself. These choices are now supported by the simple truth that I do not like who I (can) become, when I do not make this and these choices. Only then, my choices stopped feeling like work and become an expression of my freedom and choice of how I want to live ~ > this is a big motor of what fuels * goddess embodied™. *

I am fully committed, invested, and faithful to my process and growth, and with all that I can, I support yours. A huge motor of what fuels goddess embodied™ is this very hunger and longing for empowered living and full embodiment. Here you have a playground and container to discover, learn, know, continue to know, value, make meaning, and integrate that you are a beautiful, sensual, living, breathing process that is simultaneously limitless in ways that our minds cannot comprehend or grasp. Here you get to ravel in your mysterious magnificence and deeply appreciate how you are constantly unfolding, transforming, and becoming more of you <3
*YOU* are (a) goddess embodied™

<3 ~* this is for *YOU* and it is about *YOU* ~ <3