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Each goddess embodied™ workshop is unique although similarities can be expected. Workshops are held regularly, usually a month or a month and a half apart and typically last 2 or 3 hours. A theme or continuation of a theme is used as an anchor for intention and to awaken an experiential process of exploration. Space and lighting are carefully chosen and the container (location) for the work is of utmost importance. A specific myth or goddess is used as an invitation to embody that energy, quality, and/or aspect in order to learn to step out of our habitual patterns. Each song picked relates to that workshop and is used as a vehicle to enliven your experience and self-connection. You are encouraged to dance in free and guided ways as you explore what comes up for you so that you ultimately learn from yourself.

The current overarching theme for goddess embodied™ work continues to be

*The Revolution of Self-Love*

It has opened a deep exploration and honest look at how learning to love ourselves demands and awakens an inner revolution or revision of how we have been living and how we want to live. Sub-themes are currently being drawn from this overarching theme to frame and design each workshop. Stay tuned for upcoming events.

 The best way to experience a workshop is to come to the next one and bring your girlfriends.

There is no way of knowing
what we will experience
until we begin doing things ~
that is why being present
with our mind, heart and body
becomes an invaluable skill
to cultivate and appreciate.
~ Jorja Rivero